Our wines

A deeply rooted love for our craft goes into each and every bottle of wine. 55 hectares of fertile soil yield red and white grape varieties with characteristics shaped by nature and technology alike. By technology we don’t mean artificial gadgets but state-of-the-art quality control that ensures speedy processing and hygiene. The best premise for high-quality, complex and intensly flavored wines.

Three quarters of our vineyards are dedicated to growing red grapes. For optimal fermentation and high pigment extraction – which happens directly on the mash – we use steel tanks. Acid is being extracted in casks and barrique barrels followed by storage in oak casks.

For our white wines, we also use steel tanks so that fresh and fruity aromas can develop without hindrance. By keeping the grapes on fine yeast our white wines reach depth and complexity – like the renowned Glatzer Dornenvogel, our full-bodied, complex white wine loved by wine connoisseurs around the world.

Small wonder then that our Dornenvogel was awarded with 93 Parker Points for its balance between performance and price.

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