Our wine estate

In 1987 we first opened the gates to our then 5.4 hectares large vineyard in Carnuntum, the famous wine-growing region east of Vienna, following in the footsteps of the ancient Romans who prized its perfect climate for wine production. Through the years our ambitions grew proportionally to our vines. So much so that nowadays 250,000 bottles of Glatzer wine annually set out on journeys around the globe.

But in spite of these numbers we never lost sight of what really counts: great taste and quality proven by our many award-winning wines. Our premium wines like Blaufränkischer Berenreiser, St. Laurent von Altenburg and our best-known quality wine Zweigelt Dornenvogel manage to convince even dicerning palates. To say it in the words of Falstaff Magazine:

Walter Glatzer is the driving engine of the wine region Carnuntum. His red wines – foremost the Zweigelt Dornenvogel – are arguably one of the best in Austria regarding pricing and quality.


But even a driving force is in need of support provided by wife Doris, daughter Hanna and son Matthias. Because ultimately many different characteristics make for a great wine.

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Right now with the 2018 harvest, we are aiming to obtain an organic wine  certificate for our products.